posted by murrayjames on June 26, 2012 | 4 comments
I've run into an odd error.

My account is set to ask review questions on lesson pages, drawn from lesson vocabulary. As of today, the window loads ("Before we continue, five questions to review....") but the questions do not. I get that spinning wheel, forever. This happens on all lesson pages.

Some other points: in the Study Center I can still review as normal. I can't review from the Vocabulary tab.

It seems that I can study forgotten words as they come up for review, but words from my vocab list are not loading.
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drummerboy on June 26, 2012 | reply
Same thing happens to me
trevelyan on June 26, 2012 | reply
Ah... I was screwing around with this earlier this morning. Will get it fixed this afternoon. Update: should be fixed now.
drummerboy on June 27, 2012 | reply
There still seems to be a glitch with the reviews. If I go to study center/vocabulary/and then select a lesson from the drop down menu on the right and click review, the dial just spins and no flash cards come up.
drummerboy on June 27, 2012 | reply
It's working now:-)