trevelyan on May 4, 2012
Hi 华金,

I'll check to see where those definitions are stored in our system (if at all). There are a lot of potential sources/ways to add vocab to your flashcards, and the odd simplified/traditional mixup has been known to happen while updating the site, so the source for those issues is unlikely to be the lesson content. Useful to know about them though -- we try to weed out problems when we find them.

The network error simply means that your iPhone is claiming it can't connect to the Internet when the registration function is requested. We don't have any visibility into why it might not be working, but you can skip this by unlocking the application using the username "popup" and the password "chinese". Hope this helps!

Update: it looks as if the pinyin for 岁 was wrong in the New HSK Level 1 list. Not sure how that slipped by us, but we've updated the list and auto-corrected everyone's private lists. The mixup with simplified/traditional characters was also from that list, but was fixed about two or three weeks ago. We didn't go back and auto-fix people's existing list, but you're right about what is simplified and what is traditional. :)

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