posted by seamus5 on May 19, 2012 | 5 comments
Have an option on the review screen to check a box and have a particular entry added to a flash card session.

I find that when I'm studying I like to look at the characters with out any pinyin or English to test if I really know the words or not. sometimes I don't know the characters and realize I should study more. It would be much easier to do this if there was an option to create a "playlist" in the flash card area that these can automatically be added to.

Unless I don't know all the features of the current system, it is difficult to go back and find a word that I miss, and then be able to study it in the flashcards session. Maybe I have to try to scroll through the vocabulary list. Or maybe I have to try to figure out what the lesson it came from. Besides, maybe I want to study only the words that I don't know and not all the words from the whole lesson
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trevelyan on May 19, 2012 | reply

First the good news -- depending on your account settings, the popup review that appears on lesson pages will either contain: (1) vocabulary from lessons you have studied, or (2) vocabulary from your private vocabulary list (you can change these settings here). In both of these cases, answering a question incorrectly will add it to your private vocabulary list if it does not already exist, and move the word to the top of your review queue. This means that launching your flashcards should result in that word appearing with the rest of the material scheduled for review.

OK -- the bad news is it even if these words are in your vocabulary list, isn't very easy to find them if they aren't already organized by labels. This is somewhere we need to improve usability, whether it is letting people search for specific words or rank items by the number of times answered incorrectly, etc. In the meantime, if the word is totally new, you should be able to find it on the last page of your vocabulary list, since words are listed in sequential order by default at present.

Sorry if the situation is confusing, but hopefully this explanation will help until we find a more intuitive way to handle all of this stuff.

murrayjames on May 20, 2012 | reply

When you listen to Absolute Beginner and Elementary lessons, a lot of the same vocab comes up(我、你、从、给). Are these words counted individually for flashcard purposes (i.e., each instance of 我 has its own entry)?

I've noticed a preponderance of simple words in my reviews, despite listening to podcasts at the harder levels.
trevelyan on May 20, 2012 | reply
Switch your settings to "wordlist vocabulary" on this page.

After this the popup tests will only quiz you on materials explicitly in your vocabulary list. If you run into words you already know, delete them from your list and you'll never see them again. Alternately, you can remove all absolute beginner lessons from your list of studied lessons. Then they won't be used as vocabulary sources.
seamus5 on May 20, 2012 | reply
Okay, to make sure I understood this correctly, after a review session, if I go to the flashcards, the flashcards will contain all the words that I had missed previously?

I actually just tested this out, and that seems to be the way that it's working! I think that that is really helpful so that way I can focus more on the things that I really need to work!
trevelyan on May 20, 2012 | reply
Exactly. Both the flashcards and the popup review will pull content from your vocabulary list based on your SRS settings. Words you answer incorrectly are automatically reset to the lowest level and scheduled for immediate review.