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Thanks Grace :D

Catchy song o(*≧▽≦)ツ

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Thanks Grace :)
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Have you tried 百度知道 ? A search for "gba rom" will have pages of results.

Look for posts with a lot of upvotes, and check anything you download for viruses.

EDIT: This might be what you're looking for:
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I'm sorry! From your first post I wasn't sure you were a user here. My reply was tongue in cheek, but serious.

Many beginners start with textbooks, which can be useful, but the dialogues are stilted and too far removed from the way Chinese people actually talk. I like Popup Chinese because the dialogues are believable. Add transcripts, and Popup is exactly what you asked for--an online resource to read spoken Chinese.

Here are some other suggestions:

* Chatting, as you mentioned, is conversational Chinese written down. QQ is the most obvious place to start. Starting a 微博 account (a microblogging service) or 微信 (called WeChat outside of China) are two other possibilities. These services are all online and have tens of millions of users.

* If your Chinese is at the intermediate level, start watching programming (TV dramas, movies, cartoons, etc.) in Chinese. The great thing about China is that virtually all videos online are available with Mandarin subtitles. The includes everything from children's cartoons and talk shows to Hollywood movies. I watched (and read!) 喜羊羊 when I first came to China and learned tons of vocabulary that way.

Video sites:

Most of these services have apps available for iPhone and Android. US/European videos with Chinese subs can be hard to find if you live outside of Mainland China.

If you're looking for suggestions on *what* to watch, here's a suggestion I made at the forums here a few months ago:

Also see the "Chinese Television" page at

* Video games, especially RPGs, contain huge amounts of written dialogue. I played "Zelda: The Minish Cap" in Chinese(塞尔达传说:神奇的帽子)two years ago and had a blast. For video game recommendations and download links see:

Hope this is more helpful :)
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Thnx for your helpful comment! I'm sorry for my previous comment. It was late at that time, and as you can't see each others face, I was not sure if you were making a joke. As a result I maybe replied a bit harsh. Anyway, thnx again for these AWESUM links! I especially like the link where I can find chinese video games! XD

warm whishes,

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I had one last question though,

can you recommend other sites where i can find those sweet gba roms? cause I used the sites on chinese-forums but for some reason im not able to download the roms :(
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Hello haasnootgertjan,

Have you tried Popup Chinese? It's terrific!

Warm wishes,

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