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That works, but the more common way at least in northern China is for wait staff to ask if you have 忌口 (ji4kou3) when they take your order. This can mean an allergy, but it can also involve dietary prohibitions, such as if you don't eat eggs or pork or anything.

If the wait staff doesn't understand the 过敏 bit you can tell them you have 忌口 and go into detail that way.... That said, I'd be careful with any restaurant that is going to handle shellfish as kitchens tend to reuse pots and pans and it is not unlikely there will be cross contamination.
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If anyone wants to put money on it, I'm guessing that it doesn't if only because I'd go with 亚非拉北 if I wanted to include North America, but that's a really good question... Grace?

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Yes, of course. Thanks for the correction!
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Echo is newly married and not actively recording with us. I am not sure if she will in the future, but perhaps not. She seems to be going through a rough time in her life.

The future is always what happens tomorrow. If you want to see more KTV Wednesday, please recommend songs. Rather than rehash Film Friday, we're experimenting with new ideas like the Quiz Show with Brendan out of town as well.



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I'm sorry to hear that things are a bit down for Echo, I hope everything works out. Thanks for the quick response!
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Really strange that this page has been picked up by Google, since as far as I know there isn't anything linking to it online.

To answer the question -- yes -- we have been working on this on-and-off for a while (two or three years?). It was originally designed to be a reference associated with various test questions, so that if someone kept getting answers wrong, we could point them to a page that would explain the reasons behind all of these things. Unfortunately, like most efforts at categorizing the Chinese language, it kept getting more complex and less usable....

Anyway, it is all database driven and so there is some material in there right now, but definitely not enough to be useful. So we are probably going to revive it at some time (when we overhaul the testing stuff), but not in the immediate future (next couple of months).



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