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We actually had him throw it at her in the studio, but he missed. Not sure if that was intentional or if he just had really bad aim. Likely the latter.
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hi user76959,

Most native speakers would just default to 有 in that situation. So 学校 + 有 + 图书馆. The verbs in this lessons are more advanced variants of that structure, but 有 is basically the "go-to" default when you want the most straightforward translation of "there is" or "there are".



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Yes, 藏 means "hidden" or "tucked away", as in 珠宝箱里藏着海盗的宝藏 (The pirate's treasure is hidden in the treasure chest). It wouldn't really be used with that example of your keys unless you actively hid them there though.



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Hi c1w6c1g0,

We've received your email and will send an archive containing all of the lesson mp3 and pdf files. You should be able to sync these to your phone like any other media files.


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Listening test. There is only the dialogue for this one.
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