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I've been a member of Popup Chinese since 2008 and in that time I have never seen the level of written Chinese being used by the community that I've seen in the last several weeks.

I have to tell you that I'm a great deal more than just mildly pleased to see it.

I feel, the newfound focus on Chinese literacy is not only a testament to the dedication of Popup members, but also to David and his forced review program. I feel that this has inspired the Popup community with a great deal of newfound confidence and freedom in the language. By showing learners that it's not as much work as one might think to gain a good working knowlege of written Chinese as well as providing a constant stream of spaced repetitional reenforcement of Hanzi exposure, the results are self-evident!


加油 !!!

Credit David, Echo and the Popup team
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Echo on June 18, 2012 | reply
@Xiao Hu,

谢谢你,小虎 :)

jnttchen on June 20, 2012 | reply
日式薑汁豬扒 材料:薄豬扒 5件 約400克 * 粟粉(玉米粉)酌量

醃料: 鮮磨薑汁 1湯匙 * 料理酒 (sake) 1湯匙

味醂(mirin, sweet cooking wine)1湯匙 * 生抽(醬油) 1 1/2茶匙

獻汁: 料理酒 1湯匙 生抽(醬油) 1湯匙 砂糖 1茶匙 薑蓉 2茶匙

做法:1. 先把豬扒洗凈,瀝乾水份。用刀背剁鬆,並在邊緣割幾刀,以防煎的時候,豬扒縮

起來。然後用醃料醃約 1小時。用一小碗,把獻汁調好,備用。

2. 燒熱平底易潔鑊,豬扒兩面輕輕撲上薄薄的粟粉,放入油鑊中,煎至兩面金黃色和熟透 (見下圖1)。倒進獻汁,用大火煮汁收乾(見下圖2),即成。

3. 如果還嫌不夠『薑』,可以再鮮蘑薑蓉放在小碟上,隨豬扒上桌伴食。基絲汀就很喜歡日本酸薑呢。煎好後,才切開豬扒。豬扒肉質軟滑,吸收所有汁料。好味道!

Xiao Hu on June 20, 2012 | reply

Xiao Hu on June 20, 2012 | reply