You may like Hollywood movies, but how many can you identify from nothing more than their Chinese soundtrack? Film Friday is a regular lesson series here at Popup Chinese. In every episode, we play a short clip from a Hollywood film that's been dubbed into mandarin. If you can guess the original from nothing more than our brief clip, send your guess in to for a chance to win a month of free premium access to our site. And good luck!
 said on
August 24, 2010
it is far way above my level! could you please post the script after announcing the winner.
 said on
August 28, 2010
-ni3 bu2shi4 xiang3 gen1 ta1 tan2yi4tan2 ma,

-ta1 jiu4yao4 lai2 le,

-ni3 xiang3 shuo1 shen2me.

-zhi3you3 ta1 yi2ge4 ren4 zai4 yong4 qian2wang4jing4( altiscope ) ma?

-ye3xu3ba. na4 wo3 jiu4 you3 ji1hui4 le,

-mei3guo2 bei4 gao4zhi1 ni3 you3 fa1she4 dao3dan4 de yi4tu2. ting2dun4

-bu2yao4 kao4jin4,fou3ze2 kai1huo3.ting2dun4.

-ru2guo3 you3 qi2ta1 mu4di4 ke3fou3 shang1tao3 fang1an4,ting2dun4.

-neng2 fa1 yi4sheng1 xiang3sheng1 ma?

-hao3ba ke3yi3,wen4ti2 shi4 mei2you3 bi4yao4.

-Happy ending
 said on
August 28, 2010

Echo hasn't picked the winner yet, but we'll post when she has. @doublebearhugs has nailed the transcription, although it might be helpful to think of 潜望镜 as periscope and 响声 as ping.... :)
 said on
August 28, 2010
糟糕!我知道了这是潜艇有关系的电影,但是除了Das Boot 以外我没看过任何别的潜艇的电影。

 said on
August 28, 2010
Hey Guys,

No one has got it right this week :( 大家都没猜对...

 said on
August 30, 2010
Arg! I didn't understand most of the Chinese, but thought it might be a submarine movie from the sound effects. Should have written in!

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