Today we have the sort of HSK test that makes grown men cry. How hard is this test exactly? Let's just say that Echo took it and managed to get less than perfect. When she confronted Gail about this, Gail sat down to prove her wrong and flubbed a different question, a not insignificant accomplishment since she wrote the damn thing. "That was a long time ago," Gail shifted defensively, "and the questions really are tricky...."

So there you have it. If you manage to get perfect on this test, your Chinese is officially better than anyone we have working for us. So let us know where to send the certificate of total fluency, and consider yourself hired if you're in Beijing and looking for work. We will roll out the red carpet.
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March 12, 2010
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March 13, 2010
ha ha - I agree with Eric! Although I actually took the test and got a healthy seven out of fifteen. :)

 said on
March 15, 2010
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