The Beginner HSK is much like a dinner party with officials from the National Tourism Administration of China. Drop by for a quick test and you'll find the conversation regularly returns to a few basic themes: how we are feeling about China, how much we are enjoying the country, and how exciting it is to be learning Chinese.

In sharp contrast to this benevolent paternalism, the Advanced HSK is more like the mythical Cretan maze that devours all who enter: dark, foreboding, and filled with various fantastical creatures whose names are only dimly known to the outside world. This is the case with these two Advanced reading passages at least. If you can skim through them and retain enough of the sense of the original to successfully answer our questions about them, and also complete these questions in the approximately twelve minutes you'll have on a real test, you are ready to tackle the Advanced HSK. Good luck!

 said on
November 10, 2010
This is for the new Advanced HSK right? Because the reading's so easy it's such a joke!
 said on
November 11, 2010

Thanks for the comment. We get our HSK stuff done by some people who work with BLCU on the actual exams. I can check back about this particular test with them. It seems on the easy side for an older advanced test, but it may simply be more difficult than intermediate in their opinion.

In my experience the tricky thing isn't really reading and understanding the passages so much it's answering them in time, and dealing with the ambiguities in some of the questions. Hope you find the test prep materials here useful at any rate.


Mark Lesson Studied