The porcelain shattered on impact, scattering fragments of broken China across the entire dining room. Silence hung there for a moment, and then they were at each others throats, gouging and biting, bloody rivulets collecting on the oak flooring as the dispute passed beyond reason. And upstairs, the two children responsible for the carnage sat cowed in terror, shame and guilt.

We may be taking a bit of dramatic license with our introduction, but tensions definitely rise a notch in this sequel to our last lesson on how to be a good neighbor. Our dialogue here is also a bit easier, being wickedly fast, but also mostly review. So listen in and see how much you understand. And when you're done be sure to get your feedback to us by writing anytime.
 said on
May 6, 2010
Really fond of this dialogue and podcast, and think the voice actors did a fantastic job. Hope you all like it too. :)
 said on
May 7, 2010
Really enjoyed it guys. I can feel my Chinese getting better and better the more of these I listen to these as well, which is good. This one was noticeably easier than part one.

 said on
May 10, 2010
Actually laughed out when I heard the pregnant pause immediately followed by a dramatic shift to a tone of concern before the father said 小明?他有什么问题吗???

Good acting.
 said on
May 20, 2010


 said on
September 26, 2016
Can someone please provide the characters for the the example the commentators provide in this sentence:“父母总是偏爱最小的孩子而..." I didn't catch what comes after. Thanks!
 said on
October 1, 2016